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          About Hongfa

          Hongfa is the leading relay manufacturer in China and one of the leading relay suppliers and manufacturers in the world. Hongfa ranks No.1 in relay industry in China in terms of overall economic efficiency.

          Founded in 1984, Hongfa has become a top-notch relay R&D and production center all over the world under the guidance of ”Never rest on our laurels; Make more progress”. Hongfa owns more than 20 subsidiaries and affiliates wholly or partially. Our products include relays, HV/LV devices, precision parts, automatic production, etc.

          With its focus on relay and related fields, Hongfa strives diligently with no rest and has therefore yielded outstanding achievements.

          Hongfa is the leader in relay industry in China and one of major relay manufacturers and suppliers in the world.

          Hongfa now has the ability of conducting global market operations and technical service.

          With 30-years’ endeavor, Hongfa has been developing and expanding to be a major relay manufacturer in the world.

          Hongfa combines advanced technology with products and service to create a new high-tech life for users.
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          ADD:NO.90-101, Sunban South Rd., Jimei North Ind. Dist., Xiamen 361021, China
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