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          Quality Innovation

          Hongfa has been pursuing excellent product quality with the operational philosophy of “stay market-oriented and win by quality” and the quality policy of “to satisfy customers with products and services of perfect quality is our forever pursuit”. Hence, Hongfa has been certificated by several management systems as ISO9001, ISO/TS16949, ISO14001, OHSAS18001, IECQ QC 080000, etc.

          Hongfa believes that product quality depends on design, manufacturing and management rather than test and screening. Therefore, in the stage of product design and development, Hongfa makes early quality plans to ensure the quality of design, according to the concept of “Five designs as One” (product design, technology design, marketing design, production design and automation design). In the stage of process design and development, Hongfa has developed full-functional professional production lines based on the concept of IE and lean production, and has monitored every procedure to prevent problems and ensure good quality. QC group activities have been carried out in different ways to perfect our products and process. Six sigma management method and instrument will also be adopted in this regard so as to involve all Hongfa people. In recent years, Hongfa has introduced advanced management concept to improve and achieve group management mode, which offers a strong foundation to the improvement of product quality.

          In product standards, Hongfa has not only established high enterprise standards, but also presided and participated in formulating national and industrial standards for relays.

          In addition, Hongfa has built a complete supply chain management system and process, and passed on the advanced quality management concept to our suppliers so as to improve the quality of incoming materials.

          Inspired by the company spirit of “Never rest on our laurels and make more progress”, Hongfa has been upgrading the level of management and product quality to better serve the requirements and expectations of our customers .

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