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          R&D Innovation

          Research & Development
          Hongfa owns the biggest relay R&D center in China and the most competitive human resources in the industry in China with a team of technical and managerial talents capable of designing and developing products with independent intellectual property rights. Hongfa has more than 30 years of experience in developing and manufacturing relays, and has committed to technological innovation based on the relay industry chain by improving product quality, enhancing product performance, developing marketable products, and has hence formed an advantage in R&D and innovation with intellectual property rights as its core. With such advanced technology, Hongfa occupies the commanding heights of the market.

          In the innovation capacity, Hongfa is the first relay enterprise to have set up a postdoctoral research station in China.  After the foundation of Academician Experts Workstation in 2011, the perfecting Hongfa R&D platform is pushing the technology development. Relying on the leading R&D team and the technology center with national recognition, Hongfa has been developing new products and now owns hundreds of valid patents and ranks top among domestic counterparts in patent application and authorization. Improving Hongfa products with technology innovation guarantees the international competitiveness of Hongfa brand.

          In technology innovation, with the awareness of energy-saving and emission-reduction, Hongfa is improving the added value of its products as it develops new products in the area of new energy, smart grid, new energy vehicle and supports related area.

          Together with market expansion and industry transformation and upgrade, Hongfa also helps to push forward industry standardization. It has undertaken the formulation and implementation of several national standards and key projects, which facilitates the understanding and application of international standards in domestic industry and stimulates the quality improvement of domestic products.

          Enterprise technique center
          with state recognition
          Academician experts
          Postdoctoral workstation

          Test & Analysis
          As the largest and best-equipped relay test center in relay industry in China, Hongfa test center has been recognised by VDE, UL and CNAS for its test ability and test results. It also performs more than 10 Chinese and international standards such as EN 61810,UL 508 etc. In 2007, Hongfa signed an agreement with VDE as a preferred partner, being its sole partner in the field of components. In 2008, Hongfa chemical analysis lab was approved to extend test items by CNAS as a reliable and credible provider of RoHS-compliant test data and reports.

          The test lab is capable of conducting 48 test and analysis types of the four categories of relays, electronic products, solidity and wastes with different analyzing technics and 10 plus international, national or manufacturers’ standards. The rich resource in the test center enables it to meet the needs of different requirements. The analysis lab is capable of conducting various sophisticated physical and chemical analysis including raw material inspection analysis, product failure analysis, environmental testing and relevant fundamental studies. It provides strong technical support to product R&D, quality control and customer service.
          Life endurance test and
          monitoring system
          GC-MS FT-IR
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